July 16, 2024

WooCommerce shops will have more payment alternatives thanks to Nexi Group.

February 27, 2024
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Woo, an open e-commerce platform, has teamed with Nexi Group, a European PayTech company.

Through the agreement, Woo merchants will be able to provide clients in Europe with a greater selection of customizable payment choices.

Through the new strategic relationship, Nexi will be able to leverage a broader network of partner agencies from both companies to connect its cutting-edge payment solutions with WooCommerce's e-commerce platform, thereby supporting mid-market merchants in Europe.

As part of the relationship, the WooCommerce Marketplace will now have Nexi checkout plug-ins—specialized e-commerce payment acceptance solutions created for each market and/or region—integrated.

According to Omar Haque, Head of Group e-commerce at Nexi, "the European e-commerce market is highly fragmented, due in part to the wide variation of local payment method preferences." Our local checkout solutions are designed to meet the unique requirements of each area, enabling Woo merchants to grow their business internationally and unlocking value through a decrease in cart abandonment.

By collaborating with Woo, the industry leader in e-commerce software, we can better serve Europe's mid-market retailers and foster scalable expansion throughout the continent. We are pleased that the Woo payment solution will be strengthened by integrating our gateways, thereby strengthening the ecosystem of e-commerce agency partners.

"Nexi's arrival in the WooCommerce Marketplace is a big step forward in our mission to bring the widest range of local payment options to our merchants, who value freedom of choice and integration with the latest innovations in financial services," said Web Griebel, Head of Payment Partnerships & Business Development at Woo. With flexible access to payment acceptance systems, Nexi's products offer local knowledge at a large scale to the European market.

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