July 16, 2024

Apple releases the M3-equipped 13- and 15-inch MacBook Air variants.

March 04, 2024
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With its proprietary M3 chip, Apple unveiled two MacBook Air models with screens of 13 and 15 inches. Priced $100 less than the M2 Air model, at $1,099, is the 13-inch model, and at $1,299, is the 15-inch variant. Pre-orders for both versions are open in the United States as of right now, with a public release date of March 8.

Apple debuted the M2 Macbook Air in 2022, and last year, the 15-inch model was introduced to the lineup.

The improved Wi-Fi 6E radios, 1080p webcam, and 18 hours of stated battery life are all features of the MacBook Air variants. They also feature a 3.5mm headphone jack and two Thunderbolt connections. Two external displays can also be supported, but only while the lid is closed.

Last year, the 8-core CPU and up to 10-core GPU of the M3 chip were unveiled. A three-mic array is another feature of the new MacBook Air lineup that improves voice clarity during calls.

The MacBook Air is our most well-liked and well-known Mac; more buyers select it than any other laptop. In a statement, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Greg Joswiak, stated, "And today it gets even better with the M3 chip and new capabilities."

Space gray, silver, starlight, and midnight are the color options for both models.

On the same day that Apple revealed the new MacBook Air models, the European Union penalized the company €1.84 billion, or almost $2 billion in today's currency, for breaking antitrust laws in the music streaming industry.


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