July 16, 2024

Juniper leads the way in innovative insurance coverage for reproductive health.

April 12, 2024
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With its complete reproductive insurance, Juniper has filled a huge void in the market for health insurance—a vital area that traditional health plans frequently ignore.

"Optalitix Models," a product of Optalitix, a pioneer in data analytics solutions, is driving this effort. This partnership is a calculated attempt to fill gaps in the healthcare industry.


Optalitix said that its "Optalitix Models" would expedite services and offer quick, accurate quotes to brokers endorsing Juniper's innovative goods. In order to create a strong basis for their firm when they enter the market, Juniper must use cutting-edge, effective procedures. For brokers, their clients, and staff, "Optalitix Models" will facilitate simple access to these cutting-edge insurance solutions at consistent prices.


"We welcome Juniper as a partner," said Greg Gwilliam, Head of Insurance Platforms at Optalitix, expressing his excitement about the collaboration. Their company fills a much-needed void in the health insurance market, and with Optalitix Models, it will be in a great position to expand operations smoothly and quickly as customer demand for its goods increases. Juniper's future is quite promising.


Through the implementation of "Optalitix Models," Juniper will be able to effectively manage its Excel models in the cloud with API connectors in a regulated and scalable setting. This configuration improves audit trails, permits continuous testing, and makes it easier for their systems to be gradually adopted and corrected. These features are essential for overcoming the constraints brought about by antiquated practices and the difficulties associated with handling heavily versioned Excel files that may include errors.


The advantages of this technology were emphasized by Sam Pratt, CPTO and co-founder of Juniper: "Juniper is able to guarantee that our reproductive health coverage is the most all-inclusive, seamless-to-use, and comprehensive solution out there because to our partnership with Optalitix. In our sector, it might be difficult to use the right pricing model since data is not consistent and procedures are sometimes quite manual.


Our primary business is not parsing and normalizing Excel files, so it took a great deal of work to get it right. Optalitix allows us to preserve a single source of truth while fostering high levels of cooperation and iteration without the need to develop costly in-house solutions. Our models were imported, operational, and integrated by Optalitix in less than a day, which is impressive, he continued.

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