July 16, 2024

Google Pay modifies the features and availability of its apps.

February 27, 2024
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Google Pay has revealed that it is undergoing major improvements, including the integration of the US app with Google Wallet and the enhancement of payment options.

Whether making purchases in-person or online, Google Pay has made digital payments easier for individuals all across the world. Currently, Google Pay is used by millions of consumers in more than 180 countries to safely complete purchases at merchant locations via desktop computers running ChromeOS, macOS, and Windows, as well as from Android and iOS apps. With Google Wallet, Android users can conveniently store, locate, and utilise their Google Pay payment methods while on the road.

US Google Pay app update

Along with other digital goods like transit cards, driver's licences, state IDs, and more, Google Wallet remains the go-to location for consumers to safely store payment cards used for tap and pay in stores. Starting on June 4, 2024, the US version of the standalone Google Pay app will no longer be accessible for usage in an effort to streamline the user experience. According to the press announcement, Google Wallet is used five times more frequently in the US than the Google Pay app. Users can still access the most popular functions, such as managing payment methods and tapping to pay in stores, directly from Google Wallet.

Everywhere users typically use Google Pay—from making purchases online to tapping and paying in stores—remains unchanged to facilitate a seamless transition. And as the business keeps developing for the particular requirements in those nations, nothing will change for the millions of users of the Google Pay app in Singapore and India.

User updates for the US Google Pay app to be aware of:


  • Up until June 4, 2023, US users can check their Google Pay balance via the Google Pay app: Users can access and transfer their Google Pay balance to their bank account using the US version of the Google Pay app until June 4, 2024. They will have to use the Google Pay website to do this after June 4, 2024;
  • Modifications to peer-to-peer payments: Users will not be able to send, request, or receive money from others using the US version of the Google Pay app as of June 4, 2024;
  • Discover discounts and offers on Google: A brand-new Deals page has been introduced on the Search engine.

Google made several investments to make payments as quick and easy as possible. These included enhancing Google Pay autofill in Chrome, simplifying public transport payment, and increasing the variety of passes that users can keep in Wallet. And going forward, the business will keep enhancing transactions such as this.

The most recent version of the Google Wallet app for Android is available for download on Google Play. The Google Pay website allows users to view and control their cards as well.

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