July 16, 2024

Empower Finance completes the acquisition of Cashalo and reaches a contract to purchase Petal.

After completing the acquisition of Cashalo, a consumer credit and lending compa...

April 12, 2024
1Min Read
When you embed financial items, what you're actually embedding

For the past few years, embedded finance has been a popular topic of discussion.

April 12, 2024
9Min Reads
Gresham Technologies, a UK fintech, will be purchased by STG Partners for £147 million.

In a £146.7 million agreement, US-based private equity firm STG Partners is expe...

April 10, 2024
1Min Read
While the number of downloads for Android banking apps rises by 13% in 2023, digital banks continue to draw in customers.

Traditional banks still have a disproportionate amount of clients, even if digit...

April 10, 2024
2Min Reads
Startup in fintech infrastructure, Parafin, obtains a $125 million warehouse.

Along with loan partner Trinity Capital Inc. ("Trinity"), Silicon Valley Bank (S...

April 10, 2024
2Min Reads
Praveen TM, CEO of Opus, discusses advancing AI's impact in payments and banking.

Opus Technologies is creating waves via innovation in a time when technology is...

April 10, 2024
5Min Reads
PayDo introduces a capability for embedded finance.

Leading electronic money institution (EMI) PayDo is working to advance online an...

April 09, 2024
1Min Read
Crypto trader loses $800k due to a rogue Google Chrome plugin

According to reports, two malicious Google Chrome browser extensions stole $800,...

April 08, 2024
3Min Reads
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