July 16, 2024

Satakunta and Tietoevry's Lifecare system combine to provide improved services.

April 02, 2024
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The Wellbeing Services County of Satakunta, a regional body in Finland devoted to social and health services, and Tietoevry Care have announced a collaboration.

The main goal of this partnership is to implement Tietoevry's Lifecare client information system, which aims to improve and streamline social care offerings throughout the county.


This collaboration has a very clear goal in mind: to combine Satakunta's social care services, which are presently provided by six independent information systems. The county hopes to promote a more coordinated and effective approach to managing and comprehending the requirements of social care clients by putting the Lifecare system into place. The approximately 215,000 people of Satakunta stand to gain better service quality from this change, as well as the ability to access their information through Kanta services in the future.


Leading the way in creating technological solutions for the healthcare industry is Tietoevry Care. It has played a significant role in providing social and health care systems throughout Finland for more than ten years; its Lifecare system alone serves 2.4 million Finns. This system is well known for its capacity to provide all-inclusive solutions that improve the openness and information exchange between medical practitioners and their patients.


The Satakunta County Wellbeing Services is dedicated to provide comprehensive, high-quality social care services. A major step in accomplishing this goal is the implementation of the Lifecare system, which streamlines the work of social workers and fosters a more unified service delivery network across the area.


The partnership's potential advantages for the county's professionals and citizens are more evidence of it. A new age of efficiency and quality in social care services is about to begin with the replacement of the six disjointed systems currently in use with the unified client information system.


Leena Ollonqvist, the director of ICT, and Tiina Tauru, the head of Tietoevry Care in Finland, are two voices supporting this effort with excitement. While Tauru underlines the system's function in streamlining work for social services workers, hence boosting the quality and comprehensiveness of care delivered to residents, Ollonqvist highlights the revolutionary impact of consolidating client information systems.


The county's citizens and social workers alike gain from the evolving Lifecare system. The system encourages the provision of comprehensive and high-quality social care services, which simplifies and streamlines the work of experts in various social services locations. According to Tietoevry Care Head Tiina Tauru, "Lifecare is a comprehensive solution that increases transparency, improves information flow, and provides real-time information to all users."


Fall 2024 is when the Lifecare system is expected to be implemented, which will be a major turning point in Finland's continuous efforts to enhance its social and health care systems.

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