July 16, 2024

POKT Network adds three more gateways to provide access to blockchain data.

April 09, 2024
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POKT Network, in collaboration with Developer DAO, Raid Guild-backed Porters, and Chainstack, has introduced three additional Gateways to further extend its decentralized infrastructure.

By providing developers with improved access to more than 60 blockchains, the most recent release bolsters POKT Network's plan to increase API accessibility throughout the internet by utilizing its Universal RPC Base Layer.

A press release provided to Crypto.news states that the launch of these Gateways is a significant step forward for POKT Network and its ecosystem in providing dependable and affordable data access solutions that help businesses and developers improve the quality and user experience of their applications.

These Gateways, which allow builders to connect directly to a scalable and dependable decentralized infrastructure, are comparable to Layer 2 solutions in terms of boosting scalability, according to Dermot O'Riordan, Director at the POKT Network Foundation.

"We're not just extending the capabilities of our network, we're laying the foundation for a future where access to any large open data source is unrestricted, secure, and widely available," Riordan continued. "By accommodating access and demand on a scale previously unseen."

Gateways support a decentralized business model by enabling a variety of enterprises to provide access to POKT Network's infrastructure without requiring direct upkeep. The goal of the structure is to shorten market entrance periods, cut operating expenses, and refocus attention on improving customer experience.

POKT Network was founded with the intention of improving network capacity, and in just seven months, it grew from one Gateway to six. This rapid expansion of Gateway offers is indicative of this strategic effort.

The plan, according to Daniel Olshansky, Head of Protocol at POKT Network, permits a separation of duties: protocol participants concentrate on upkeep of the infrastructure, Gateways on functionality, and customers are provided with dependable and reasonably priced services.

Notable for its potential to spur network expansion and innovation is the partnership with Developer DAO, Porters, and Chainstack. Developer DAO, for example, presents a paradigm where technological innovations benefit the common good by aiming to reinvest RPC income into public goods. In contrast, Porters and Chainstack offer substantial volume potential and technological know-how to the collaboration.

In the future, POKT Network is getting ready for the summer of 2024 Shannon Upgrade. The goal of the update is to make integration easier for RPC providers and projects, making data access between various blockchains and AI more convenient. It is anticipated that the upgrade would foster cooperation in the decentralized data infrastructure domain and support a wider range of use cases.

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