July 16, 2024

PE software firm raises £11 million.

April 11, 2024
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UK-based fintech company Pactio, which specializes in the private equity (PE) industry, has finished a £11 million series An investment round

The London-based firm was established in 2021 and offers private capital investors deal tracking and risk management tools.

More investors are looking to alternative and private asset classes, such private equity, in pursuit of higher returns due to rising interest rates and declining yields from the equity and fixed income markets.

But historically, the PE market's technological infrastructure has behind other, more established asset classes.

Erik Heimark, the CEO of Pactio and a former PE investor, founded the company as a result of this technological mismatch.


Reliance on manual processes and a tech stack that is thirty years out of date are impeding the growth of private markets, which are becoming one of the biggest and most complicated asset classes in the world, according to Heimark.

"I found it concerning that the level of technology does not correspond with the complexity of the workflows and the skill of the individuals involved."

EQT Ventures of Sweden led the most recent fundraising round, in which Matt Henderson, the CEO of Stripe Europe, and Tom Greenwood, the founder of Volt, also participated.

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