July 16, 2024

Georgio Anastasi is named as the new CFO for UK's FullCircl.

April 10, 2024
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The chief financial officer (CFO) position at FullCircl, a customer lifecycle intelligence (CLI) platform, has been filled by Georgio Anastasi, capping the company's recent senior hiring binge.

Anastasi, who is being referred to be a “young, dynamic and results-driven individual” by CEO Andrew Yates, will take over for previous FullCircl CFO Steve Blundell, who is transitioning into a non-executive role.

Anastasi, who has over 20 years of expertise in financial leadership, is tasked with supervising FullCircl's financial and business initiatives.

Anastasi worked for two years as a consultant managing portfolios for private equity companies before to joining the UK-based company. He was vice president of finance at Preqin and head of finance and business operations at With Intelligence before this.

According to FullCircl, this newest hire completes the newly reorganized leadership team, which was implemented in an effort to transition from a senior team managed by the founder to one that is led by the C-suite.

This February, FullCircl made clear that it was taking a different course when it announced the employment of three new executives: Hema Marshall as chief sales officer (CRO), Amy Musk as the company's new chief operating officer (COO), and Immy Tugcu as vice president of product.

Yates refers to this change in the organization of the business as "the next building block in FullCircl's journey."

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