July 16, 2024

Dina Försäkringar collaborates with CyberScout and Safestate to enhance cyber insurance offerings.

April 02, 2024
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Leading insurance company Dina Försäkringar has announced a collaboration with two well-known InsurTech companies.

In response to the growing cybersecurity threats that Swedish firms are facing, the company has partnered with Safestate and CyberScout, respectively, to strengthen its cyber insurance solutions. This is especially important for corporate clients. This information comes from InsurTech Insights.


The goal of the initiative is to guarantee that policyholders have complete cyber insurance coverage and professional support, enabling them to successfully respond to and mitigate cyber threats.


The partnership's goal of providing insurance company clients with round-the-clock expert assistance to help them take both preventative and reactive measures against cyber risks was emphasized by James Wickson, Global VP of Sales at CyberScout.


The CEO of Safestate, Daniel Fyhr, highlights the cooperative effort as a strong market solution that guarantees customers have complete cyber insurance coverage, strengthening their defenses against digital threats.

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