The Metaverse Needs to Figure Out How to Deal With Sexual Assault

Moderating social media is hard. Moderating the metaverse will be harder.

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Social Media Censorship Law Still a Threat

The Supreme Court temporarily blocked a Texas law from taking effect that would ban large social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter from "censoring" viewpoints on their platforms.

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With iOS 16, Apple Can Add a New Polish to the iPhone

Apple is expected to announce new software for its iPhones, iPads and Mac computers at its annual WWDC developers event starting Monday.

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In a World First, Scientists Transplant 3D-Printed 'Living Ear' Onto Patient

I've actually been waiting for this my whole career," says lead surgeon Arturo Bonilla.

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NASA Prepares to Solve 'Lunar Mystery' With New Moon Explorer

Agency is also sending a bunch of yeast to the lunar surface to see what happens.

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Here's Why Amazon Won't Let You Buy Books on Kindle App for Android Anymore

Google wants a 15% cut of digital content purchases people make in apps sold on the Play Store. Amazon has told customers they can buy e-books on the company's website instead of through the Android app.

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Great timing, supercomputer upgrade lead to successful forecast of volcanic eruption

In the fall of 2017, a team of geologists had just set up a new volcanic forecasting modeling program on the Blue Waters and iForge supercomputers. Simultaneously, another team was monitoring activity at the Sierra Negra volcano in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. The teams shared their insights and what happened next was the fortuitous forecast of the June 2018 Sierra Negra eruption five months before it occurred.

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Machine learning models: In bias we trust?

Researchers find the explanation methods designed to help users determine whether to trust a machine-learning model's predictions can perpetuate biases and lead to less accurate predictions for people from disadvantaged groups.

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Government To Introduce Framework To Regulate Social Media Platforms

The Central Government on Wednesday apprised the Delhi High court that it will introduce some mechanism to regulate the social media platforms but it will not cover the existing cases including account suspension by the platforms.

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Commentary: Parents, you may be fuelling your children's Internet addiction

Setting limits on when teenagers can use the Internet, punishments for breaking rules and rewards for cutting technology use is not a strategy that works, says this academic.

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